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Digital Calendar photo description 

 The Long and Short of it

Early morning in the Phinda Game Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, this mother and juvenile Rhino stopped
briefly to show off their respective horns

White Rhinoceros - Ceratotherium simum

A gentle giant, the biggest land mammal after Elephants (though outweighed by the Hippopotamus). Almost double the weight of a Black Rhino, with pronounced shoulder hump. Males weigh in the region of 2 040 to 2 260 kg, females in the region of 1 600 kg. Newborns weigh only 65 kg, equal to 4% of mother's weight. Mothers are equipped to protect them against all predators except Lions. Calves run in front of mother during flight. Head: Massive with wide, square mouth, big ears. Horns: Front horn averages 60cm, longer but thinner in female; back horn much shorter, more triangular. Colour: Slate grey to yellow-brown. Due to the increase in demand for Rhino horn, (for dagger handles, medicine, aphrodisiacs), they are now more precious than gold.

Nikon D2xs, AF VR Nikkor 80-400 mm f4.5-5.6 D lens, focal length at 80 mm, equivalent to 120 mm,
1/125th sec @ f5, ISO 800

Photograph by Trevor Woodburn