The job specification forms the terms of reference for an assignment outlining the position requirements in terms of job content and person specification. These are the criteria against which potential candidates are measured. The specification also forms the marketing document for the position as well as the basis of Woodburn Mann’s research, so it is important that it accurately reflects the person required as well as the essence of the position. Once approved by the client, the specification becomes the sole working document.

Potential candidates are sent a confidential abridged specification. The full specification, which reveals the client's identity, is only made available to the finally agreed shortlist candidates prior to client interviews.

In circumstances where conventional executive search techniques are unlikely to be effective, or if the client’s recruitment needs or the prevailing legislation require that a recruitment advertisement is utilised in the executive search or selection assignment, the recruitment advertisement will be prepared based on the job specification and submitted to the client for approval prior to the flighting of the recruitment advertisement. The recruitment advertisement will be prepared in conformity with prevailing laws and regulations.